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A Celebrants Guide to Marriage and Relationship Education

Preparing to say ‘I do’

Marriage Celebrants play a significant role in strengthening families and relationships, particularly at the preventative stage of service provision.

When couples ask you to be their marriage celebrant, they are inviting you to be part of the significant journey which is marriage.

Behind all the wedding preparations, is a preparation for a lifelong commitment comprising of many significant transitions. This is where premarital programs play a pivotal role in the couples journey.

Premarital Education

Raising awareness, particularly about expectations and mind-sets, communication and conflict patterns, and knowledge of each partner’s familial background, values and influences, is fundamental to the heart of connecting. By exploring these areas early in the relationship lifecycle, we are providing couples with an invaluable insight in the changing patterns ahead of them. It will also sow-the-seeds for later marriage and couple interventions if required.

Couple feedback has drawn reference to the fact that participation in a premarital course was of great benefit even when a reluctance to attend was an initial response.

By working together in the marriage and relationship education space, we can make a difference in the couple’s life, particularly as they transition in their marriage and family life.

Brochure for couples planning to marry

Preparing to say 'I do' flyer


"It's all in the pitch" - A Celebrants Guide to Marriage & Relationship Education

Source: Marriage and Relationship Educators' Association of Australia (MAREAA)