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Perinatal Mental Health

RelateWell Perinatal Mental Health

Under our partnership with Moreland Maternal & Child Health Service and Springvale Service for Children (servicing Greater Dandenong Maternal & Child Health Unit) RelateWell provides targeted psychological support services to new parents postpartum. 

Counselling services are available from the following onsite outlets:

RelateWell Centre (Coburg)

Coburg Maternal & Child Health Centre (Wardens Walk)

Brunswick West Maternal & Child Health Centre

Pascoe Vale Community Centre (maternal & child health centre)

Belle Vue Park Maternal & Child Health Centre

Springvale Service for Children

In partnership, we are breaking down the barriers to family-based prevention and early intervention through a best practice model in delivering a multi-site, multi-intervention approach to service provision which supports both adults mental health and the development of children. 

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Collaborative Partners

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