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RelateWell founded in 1978

"Let's Make It Work" and "Let's Keep It Alive" are a series of relationship and marriage programs targeting couples at significant relationship transition points - marrying, living together and maturing in the couple relationship. 

"Let's Make It Work" Program:

The 'Let's Make It Work' premarital course will have a very positive effect on your relationship now and in your future married life. It will allow you to share common experiences and issues at a comfortable level and raise awareness about your relationship now and in your future life as you transition in your relationship. 

Couples at each course choose the specific issues they wish to explore. Some popular choices are as follows:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision-making
  • Exploring relationship, familial and societal expectations
  • Designing a marriage that works for both of us
  • Mixing different cultural backgrounds and family influence
  • Recognising and meetings needs – your needs, my needs, our needs
  • Coping with stress
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Balancing work and family; adjusting to parenthood, twin careers, etc
  • Reasons for marrying

The "Let's Make It Work" program aims to raise awareness of relationship strengths and encourages couples to discuss some of the critical and practical issues surrounding the marriage commitment. Assisting couples in the development of sound communication skills is at the heart of connecting.

"Let's Keep It Alive" Program:

By participating in the "Let's Keep It Alive" program, couples achieve a deeper understanding and awareness of their relationship and gain new insights and skills to connect through improved communication and conflict resolution skills. The programs also explore the challenges of partnering and parenting and balancing work and family life.

These programs will

  • introduce you to the secrets of change and growth in your most significant relationship - both are essential for a fulfilling life and are within reach of every couple;
  • give you the opportunity to reflect on what you want from your relationship and how you can achieve it;
  • give partners the skills to understand each others parenting styles and reach a common ground between the two;
  • achieve a balance between work and family and partnering and parenting;
  • enable you to enhance and develop your skills and explore issues faced as relationships pass through many transitional life stages;
  • cope with children and deal with sibling rivalry when you feel that you are at breaking point;
  • explore the importance of setting boundaries and mutual consistency
  • enable you to talk about issues in a deeper way; and
  • recognise avenues of personal growth to enrich your relationship and your family life.


Our Professional Staff

Our relationship and marriage programs are run by tertiary qualified, experienced adult educators who are either psychologists, counsellors or lecturers, working in the field of couple relationships. They have a comprehensive understanding of evidence based relationship theory and provide an interactive, insightful learning space for couples. 

Couples Relationship Enrichment Program:

Want to build a stronger relationship?

If yes, this program is for you: 

The workshop is an evidence-based relationship enhancement program. It has been developed by our experienced practitioners through application, research, knowledge and an awareness of couple relationships.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Assess your relationship strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Express the relationship you want
  • Develop and acquire essential relationship skills
  • Identify acts to strengthen and grow your relationship

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Find out what a healthy relationship looks like and how to improve the health and potential of YOUR relationship.

Sometimes all you need is a place to just focus on you, away from the everyday stresses of life – an opportunity to RECONNECT.

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All programs are funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.