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Circle of Security Parenting

Early Childhood Attachment Program delivered by RelateWell

   Circle of Security Parenting 

The Circle of Security Parenting TM (COSPTM) is an early childhood attachment program designed for parents and caregivers of children from four months of age through six years old. COSPTM  has been developed to help parents engage in, and reflect on, the back-and-forth dialogue that is the foundation of secure attachment.  

Many new parents experience struggles in attuning to their baby’s needs, and the ability to attune can be significantly affected by parent’s mental health issues. Parental attunement, the basis of ‘good enough’ parenting,  is foundational to the development of a child’s security of attachment. The attachment behavioural system has been described as “a kind of psychological immune system.” Secure attachment helps buffer psychological stressors. Fifty years of research has shown that securely attached children are more resilient, enjoy better relationships with parents, family, and friends, have higher self-esteem, and are better able to problem solve.

COSPTM is a reflective parenting program that enables parents to see the relationship-world through the eyes of their child. It is not a prescriptive behavioural program. Parents and caregivers participate in an interactive program that supports reflection on the concepts of secure attachment, provides opportunities to implement and experience these concepts at home with their children; all before returning to another session to reflect and then absorb more concepts.

The program is delivered over a minimum of 8 session of 90 minutes each spread out over a minimum of eight weeks.  

Thérèse van Maanen is a provisional psychologist with RelateWell, and a Registered Circle of Security ParentingTM Facilitator.  

If you wish to have the Security of Security training delivered onsite, please phone RelateWell on 9354 8854 or email for further information.