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Board of Management

The Family Relationships Institute Inc. is governed by a Board of Management, who is committed to achieving our vision of a future in which people achieve and maintain quality and meaningful lives through quality and meaningful relationships. 


Stavros Sakellaris

Vice President

Luciana Martini

Public Officer

Donna Cossio (non-voting member)

Board Members

Russell Williams

Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos

Joan Pianta

Vanessa Field

Roslyn Monagle

Honorary Members

Don Burnard (1935-2022)

Dr Ron Fitzgerald


Role of the Board

The role of the Board is to provide leadership for and supervision over the Institute's affairs.

Responsibility of the Board

The Board is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Institute by:

Funding Partners

Government Department of Social Services (DSS)

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) (Government Department of Health)

City of Greater Dandenong

Collaborative Partners

City of Merri-bek Maternal & Child Health Unit

Springvale Service for Children

Annual Service Report 2021/2022

Annual Service Report 2020/2021

Annual Service Report 2019/2020

Annual Service Report 2018/2019

Annual Service Report 2017/2018

Annual Service Report 2016/2017

Strategic Plan Cross-Cultural Service Stream 2016-2017