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Management Team

Angela Damianopoulos

executive director


Angela has worked in the areas of government, public policy, organisational governance, service development and future planning over the past twenty years. She sees her role as a driver of effectiveness and efficiency within RelateWell, and has a major focus on change and development in the areas of service delivery, governance, management and collaborative relationships and enterprise.

For Angela, the core business of RelateWell is the development, management and delivery of a range of early intervention and preventative programs and services at the significant family transition points of marrying, living together, becoming parents and transitioning to midlife. She understands that RelateWell operates within a context that ranges from the deeply embedded influences and biases which take place between individuals to the analysis of global processes and regulations and how they impact our way of life. Angela has an interest in legal processes, particularly legal relationships resulting from the family as a lawful and social institution; and the law interconnecting with mental health.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities and the Social Sciences; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy (The University of Melbourne). She is currently studying for the qualification of Juris Doctor at Deakin University. 

Angela currently sits on the Psychology Courses Advisory Committee for Cairnmillar Institute.

Donna Cossio

office manager


Donna has been in managerial roles since 1995. She has a strong background and extensive experience in managerial and financial administration in both the private and public sectors. She brings to her role both decisiveness and accuracy in overseeing a diverse set of administrative tasks and in integrating the Department of Social Services (DSS) Data Exchange requirements into existing service and administrative practices.

Donna holds a Certificate III in Business Administration.