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Want to build a Stronger Relationship?

Come join us on Sunday 7 October 2018 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm for a lively day of discussion, contemplation and fun within a non-threatening learning environment. 

Find out what a healthy relationship looks like and how to improve the health and potential of YOUR relationship.

Our Relationship Adult Educators

Our programs are run by tertiary qualified, experienced adult educators who are either psychologists, counsellors or lecturers, working in the field of couple relationships. They have a comprehensive understanding of evidence based relationship theory and provide an interactive, insightful learning space for couples. 




The Hon Dr David Gillespie MP
Assistant Minister for Children and Families
Federal Member for Lyne

Celebrating Aussie families and building stronger communities

“Families are an enduring source of strength, support and advice. Initiatives like National Families Week are an opportunity for Australians to recognise and thank families for everything they do in our personal lives, and for our nation,” Dr Gillespie said.


The Challenges of an Interracial Couple in Australia 

RelateWell, in collaboration with Pronia (formerly Australian Greek Welfare Society Ltd), has been working in the cross-cultural / interfaith / bi-cultural relationships space since 2012. Raising awareness in couples of potential conflict arising from familial expectations and loyalties partners feel towards their family of origin is what we address in our information sessions and/or individual, couple and family counselling. 

To highlight the importance of the issue, Hear Me Out on the ABC addressed the issue in: 'What life's really like for an interracial couple'. 

If you need assistance in the cross-cultural / interfaith / bi-cultural relationships space, RelateWell and Pronia can assist you.


Poorly trained relationship counsellors doing more harm than good, experts say

Relationship counselling is a specialised field.

In the article 'Poorly trained relationship counsellors doing more harm than good', Professor Moloney sees couples counselling as a growing and increasingly important area of therapy, with one in five Australian couples seeking it.

"I think bad therapy is worse than no therapy at all. I think you can actually do damage," he said.

RelateWell prides itself on having a team of psychologists and counsellors whom specialise in working with couples. 

To read the article, follow this link.

Source: ABC news


Supporting Healthy Couple Relationships Early in the Lifecycle:

RelateWell's Executive Director Angela Damianopoulos discusses the importance of changing cultural mindset early in the relationship cycle so to offset future problems.

Read the 'significance of working with couples early in the relationship cycle' here