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Board of Management

The Family Relationships Institute Inc. is governed by a Board of Management, who is committed to achieving our vision of a future in which people achieve and maintain quality and meaningful lives through quality and meaningful relationships. 

All Board Members have extensive experience in the not-for-profit, government (Commonwealth, State and Local) and private sectors, delivering solid strategic counsel and direction to the Executive team.



Stavros Sakellaris

Stavros is a highly accomplished businessperson, a leader in the information media and telecommunications sector.

As a strong industry professional, his understanding of the ever-evolving technological landscape in which we live in brings to the Board a major asset; in helping lead the organisation in making informed strategic decisions about what changes need to be implemented in order to maintain sustainability and growth. 

With a temperament-related quality executed with great acumen and commitment, his senior experience spans the accounting, production, publishing, telecommunications and technological sectors. 

His professional interests inclusive of influencing technological platforms to support organistaional growth, improve service delivery and controlling risk.

Stavros holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts/Art Studies.

Vice President

Luciana Martini

Luciana is a highly experienced health, community and education sector professional, with extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector in social work; and proven ability to lead and manage services and projects with acumen and commitment.

Luciana holds a Bachelor of Social Work.

Public Officer

Donna Cossio (non-voting member)

Board Members

Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos

Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos is the CEO of PRONIA, an ethno-specific welfare organisation servicing over 8000 people annually.  

Her strong business acumen, service knowledge and exceptional senior operational and risk management experience make her a significant driver in the organisations growth and strategic development.

Tina holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Graduate Certificate in Management, and a Masters B.A.  

Vanessa Field

Vanessa is the Director of Springvale Service for Children, a multipurpose Integrated Family & Children's Centre in Greater Dandenong.   

A highly skilled professional who brings to the Board extensive experience in education, community inspired leadership and corporate governance. And a proven ability to lead and oversee a large establishment, services, strategies and teams with strong commitment and intellect.

Vanessa holds a Masters in Education.

And in 2024, has been awarded the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award, City of Greater Dandenong.

Roslyn Monagle

Roslyn Monagle is a Maternal Child Health & Immunisation Coordinator at Merri-bek City Council. A highly-experienced health industry professional in driving the delivery of a comprehensive health services for families and children in accordance with the Maternal and Child Health Program and Government requirements.

She has the proven ability to lead and manage maternal child health services, projects and teams with aptitude and strong commitment.

Roslyn holds a Bachelor's degree in nursing and midwifery.

Joan Pianta

Joan is a highly experienced health professional, having recently retired as a Maternal Child Health Nurse within the Merri-bek Maternal Child Health Service.

She brings to the Board proven experience in leadership, supervision and support to staff to deliver optimal Maternal and Child Health services; and in supporting families within community and health programs and services.

Joan holds a Bachelor's degree in nursing and midwifery.

Russell Williams

Russell is a long serving Board member, a highly successful businessperson in the private sector.

He brings to the Board proven capacity and experience in managing large complex projects; with strong problem-solving attitude; a global mindset, innovative-savvy intelligence and resilience.

Honorary Members

Don Burnard (1935-2022)

Dr Ron Fitzgerald

Executive Director

Angela Damianopoulos

B.A; Grad Dip Public Policy; Juris Doctor

Role of the Board

The role of the Board is to provide leadership for and supervision over the Institute's affairs.

Responsibility of the Board

The Board is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Institute by:

Funding Partners

Government Department of Social Services (DSS)

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) (Government Department of Health)

City of Greater Dandenong

Collaborative Partners

City of Merri-bek Maternal & Child Health Unit 

City of Merri-bek Aged Services

Springvale Service for Children

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